Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) — Namaste Farm, South Road

Circumference: 2.97 metres (9' 9")
Diameter at breast height: 0.95 metres (3' 1")

GaLTT tree ID: #53
Year nominated: 2015
Nominated by John Peirce

Location: In the pasture south of the Garry oak grove at Namaste Farm.
Ownership: John Peirce and Nancy Hetherington Peirce.
Latitude: 49.13270°
Longitude: 123.75735°

Notes: The largest circumference Garry oak in BC (in Maple Bay) is 5.09m.

Access: Access via the Garry oak grove loop off the licensed public trail between Lois Lane and Garland Drive.

garry oak photo