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Woman with traffic cones standing by an enormous pile of cut broom.


GaLTT’s and Lion’s kick-off BBQ and Broombash event April 29 at Drumbeg was wonderfully successful with 76 volunteers signing up and a few extra who arrived before the sign-up sheets. BC Parks sent a team to help and to gather and remove the huge pile of cut broom to be composted in Nanaimo. We cleared the camas meadow of small and large broom—just in time, as the camas are already blooming there along with spring gold. All through May volunteers continued to cut broom all around the island and either left it in place to rot down, or transported it by truck to Somerset Farm to be chipped into mulch on June 9.

Thanks to Lions and GaLTT volunteers, Wild Rose Nursery for their truck, Somerset Farm (the Boultons) for letting us stockpile and chip the broom on their land (here’s Lou with the growing pile!), and countless others for supporting us with labour in their neighbourhoods, or by using the Village Foods gift card for their grocery shopping. We have made a HUGE dent in Gabriola’s broom problem. THANK YOU ALL.

Group of people clipping off tansy flowers and putting them in a black garbage bag.


Hard-working volunteers attacked the late summer invasive Tansy ragwort in Elder Cedar Nature Reserve, Coats Marsh, the Government land, and the connecting licensed trail to Nelder’s Pond.

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