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Violent windstorms and, later, unusually heavy snowfalls continued to add to the work of our hardy trail stewards and work crews in January and February. Our carefully planned February 10 AGM and Guest Speaker Richard Hebda had to be cancelled at the last minute when heavy snowfalls making the roads impassable.


Early in the month our trail crew redirected the trail from Church Street to Tin Can Alley, which had previously strayed from the street allowance onto a neighbour’s property. This is an important connector trail between the north end of the island and 707 Community Park. Later in June the crew trimmed the well-loved trails in Haven Woods, which were recently realigned to allow for the landowners’ privacy at their new home.


Peter Danenhower led trail-work parties—the first to finish up some important invasive plant removal in Drumbeg Park, then on two later Sundays to build boardwalks over the Macdonald-Peterson connector trails that flood badly in winter—a total of 150 feet of new boardwalk was installed there.

Two people, one is cutting stems of ivy climbing a big tree.


Work parties worked near the south end, clipping overgrown Evans Trail and restoring damaged signage in the area. Brave bush-whackers also clipped a bad infestation of mature ivy growing up the trees in Robinson Woods near Cooper.

Three happy people adding non-slip mesh to a boardwalk in the rain.


saw intrepid, soggy work parties finish installing a magnificent raised boardwalk over the wetland between MacDonald and Peterson—a well-loved connector trail route that previously became impassable in the wet months due to flooding. Later in the month they installed safety mesh on the slippery surfaces.


Early in the month we built a new connecting trail between the two sections of Chichester Road up near Orlebar Point. This greatly improves the possibility of walking loops in the area. Later in the month we cleared the ditches (again!) along the River Place Trail in Cox Park to allow winter rainwater run-off.

Group of people with tools by a "GaLTT volunteers at work" sign


On December 1, our sturdy work crew cut another new trail from McConvey Rd through Cox Community Park to its western edge. The first portion of the trail was constructed earlier in the year from McConvey to Taylor Bay Rd. There are now easy walking connections among Malaspina, Haven Woods, Descanso Bay Regional Park and Cox Community Park, with just one short road walk along McConvey between two trail heads. The last trail-work party of 2019 met on December 15 to trim the connector trail between Seymour Road and Lackhaven Drive.

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