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Two men with tools standing by an access path between big rocks.


Since our beach and trails accessibility survey, GaLTT had been negotiating with RDN parks department about the lack of flattish trails in 707 for walkers with limited mobility. At our request, they removed the steep berm at the Jeanette entrance to the park, and GaLTT volunteers spread a firm gravel mix over the soil there, giving much easier access to the forest trails. Our wonderful volunteers donated wood to build some simple resting benches along the trail. It’s a great start to our accessibility initiative…


GaLTT received a grant from BC Parks to begin work improving accessibility on the Pilot Bay viewing area at Twin Beaches—and we’re hoping to begin work in the early fall.

Satellite image showing potential accessibility improvements


More pleasurably, our trailwork and accessibility committees did serious detailed logistical planning for work to start in mid-January improving accessibility to trails, viewpoints, picnic tables and the outhouse on the Pilot Bay side of Gabriola Sands Park (Twin Beaches).

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