Doug Harrison, person extraordinaire and talented artist, decided to spend the year painting his boat- and sea-scapes, framing them, and then holding a weekend art show in his wife’s beautiful, waterfront gardens and giving every penny of the proceeds to GaLTT. In the end we raised about $6500 to help support GaLTT’s conservation efforts.

Annie Holmes heard of the cause and decided to bake her Chelsea buns and other delicious munchies and offer them for purchase at Doug and Marie’s home too. Plus, as an added attraction, several members of Doug’s model-train enthusiasts attended and helped with operating the trains in the basement.

The weekend was hot and sunny. The crowds came from as far as Duncan and Alberni. The art show was very well attended and Doug was busy all weekend telling his stories of his childhood and his logging days. Marie was equally busy talking about her garden plants. The Gabriola Garden Club held an open garden at the same time and many people came to enjoy the garden and soak up the ambience.

15 GaLTT members manned the gate, helped with sales and transactions and generally kept the attendees informed and happy. A big thank you to all those who volunteered and all those who attended, especially those who brought a piece of Doug’s wonderful art. Lou Skinner, shown above with a portrait of the Quinsam’s “sunset,” is one of the happy owners.

And of course, a supersized thank you to Doug for his generosity in supporting GaLTT!

(If you missed the show and are interested in obtaining some of Doug’s art, contact to be put in touch.)

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