June saw us make a wonderful island-wide effort to finish culling Scotch broom while it still bloomed. Amazing work was done in multiple neighbourhoods and parks. Then from June 4 to 14 the culled broom was collected all around the island and trucked to be piled high in the South Firehall parking lot. It will be disposed of later in a fire-safe manner. THANK YOU to the many volunteers who helped cut, haul, truck and pile the cut broom.

An older woman with a broom crown with a young boy with a bouquet of broom.

The camas lilies are spreading nicely again in Drumbeg meadow, and we decided to finish out the month by attacking invasive clumps of orchard grass, which impede the lilies’ spread.

A closeup of a camas flower
Tags: , , , , , Categories: Invasive SpeciesPublished On: June 30, 2021

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