Not all species needing a caretaker have fur or feathers!

GaLTT can assist when people develop or do yard and garden projects and need to find new homes for some of their resident plants. Our Native Plant Depot offers a place to make these dependents available for others, with no cost to anyone.

But we need those plants if we’re going to get them to the people who want them! If you or your neighbours have an outdoor project that will displace native plants, like ferns, Garry oak and other seedlings, huckleberries, Oregon grape, salal, etc, please dig them up and bring them to our Native Plant Depot. Access is through the West entrance of the Commons. Spare pots are available.

Why native plants?

Native plants have adapted to local conditions over time. This optimizes their ability to provide food and habitat for other species and contribute to the resilience of a healthy, well-functioning ecosystem that supports other species—including humans. An added benefit is that they often require less maintenance than introduced plants.

How can you help?

As described above, you can contribute plants to the Native Plant Depot. But there’s more you can do.

  1. Join our Native Plant Recovery Team! We need more people to help dig up and pot plants for free adoption from the Native Plant Depot. This is a flexible hour-long commitment with no expectation that you would be available every time.
  2. If you’re clearing land, invite our Native Plant Recovery Team to harvest plants on your property! We’ll dig out the native plants, pot them, and take them to the Native Plant Depot for distribution. Contact to schedule a time that won’t interfere with your project.
  3. Plant native plants! If you are restoring land, plants at the Depot are FREE! Help regenerate native habitat by re-homing these local plants. (Googly eyes not included.) You can find helpful info on how to provide for them in the In the Garden section and other parts of our Nature Stewards Resources page.

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