Clearing land? If you plan to clear part of your land, please contact us first. Our Rescue Team will dig up and remove native species and take them to our Native Plant Depot at the Commons. There is no charge, no disruption to your work, and we will accommodate your schedule.

Want to make a more natural garden to help with conservation? People wishing to develop a more natural garden can pick up native plants for free from the Depot. Also, an important part of conservation is removing invasive plants and this is most effectively done when you immediately replace them with vigorous native species so that new invasives cannot spread into the space. Suitable attractive native plants include Oregon grape, sword fern, Nootka rose, flowering currant, salmonberry and many others. If you wish to make a donation for your plants you can click on the Donate button above.

baby douglas-fir trees in pots

Want to donate some native plants? If you have native plants to donate, please pot them and drop them off at the depot. If you need a pick-up or you need a Rescue Team to dig them out, please email Libby at

PLEASE NOTE that the Native Plant Depot operates in spring and fall only.

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