Imagining Gabriola’s Land and Sea 2050

What do you envision Gabriola’s environment will be like in 2050, when the current kindergarten kids are 30? How will we get there? These were the big ideas that 76 islanders talked about at the community hall on January 20th. The environment focused Visioning 2050 event was funded by Islands Trust and organized by GaLTT’s Community Engagement committee in collaboration with GROWLS (Gabriola Rescue of Wildlife Society) and the Gabriola Island Memorial Society. It generated many ideas, and the consolidated responses have been sent to Islands Trust for their consideration when redoing Gabriola’s Official Community Plan.

UPDATE: you can download a summary of community responses from this link.

Thanks to Erin Udal and Dyan Dunsmoor-Farley who led and recorded our session, Liz Ciocea and Dar Mace of GROWLS for helping to organize and the many volunteers who shovelled the parking lot, served delicious Ground Up snacks and helped with take down. Volunteerism is alive and well on Gabriola!

Three people with shovels clearing a parking lot covered in snow.
A large number of people sit at tables at a meeting. Two facilitators stand at the front, one speaking.
Neither rain nor sleet nor snow… nothing stops a Gabriolan with ideas on how to make a better future happen!
Two smiling women stand behind the food counter at the Gabriola Island Community Hall. A plate of cookies and teapots sit on the counter.
Of course, no good visioning event can be held without good food to sustain the participants.
A table display with pamphlets and other printed material. A trifold panel covered with children's drawings says, "Who lives on Gabriola," "What we like about Gabriola," and "What about the future?"

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