A reminder as spring approaches and we all get out more, to be mindful of the damage our use of trails can cause and take steps to minimize it; even feet wandering off trails to avoid mud can do substantial harm by widening trails and thereby increasing erosion.

Please note that ATVs and dirt bikes are prohibited in all of Gabriola’s parks and nature reserves. ATV/dirtbike use is also prohibited on federally-held lands on Gabriola, which includes the whole of the Kensington Lands, the area north of North Road that runs from Windecker to Wild Cherry. (Substantial blocks of federally-held lands also exist south of North Road.)

All crown-held lands on Gabriola, whether provincial or federal, are held for treaty settlements; although Gabriolans currently use these trails, we should do so with a gentle touch.

In particular, please stay on the trail and stay off moss meadows! They are very fragile and can take years if not decades to recover from damage.

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