UPDATE March 12th

The arborist will be cutting one more tree along the loop trail. It will be at the creek crossing with the stepping stones. The work will be for about 3-4 hours on Tuesday morning, weather dependent. If Tuesday doesn’t work then he hopes for Wednesday.

UPDATE March 7th

As of Tuesday March 7th work will commence on the main trail loop in the Nature Reserve. Current work is on the west side loop. Signage is up at where the east and west loop meet so people can still go the east and get to the Elder Cedar tree.

Work will continue on March 8th and 9th. Please watch for signs and respect trail closures.

UPDATE March 6th

Work is commencing today (March 6th) near the Nature Reserve entrance off Windecker Drive. The arborist expects to be finished in that area no later than tomorrow. Closure signs will remain up until the work is completed.

UPDATE Feb 28th

Work this week is postponed due to snow. Aiming now to begin on Monday March 5th in the NE corner of SXNR. Watch this space for confirmation.

February 27th: weather permitting, the arborist will work Tuesday February 28th and Wednesday March 1st beginning in the NE corner of SXNR.

From Islands Trust Conservancy:

Public Safety Notice:

A professional arborist will be carrying out dangerous tree work in the S’ul-hween X’pey (Elder Cedar) Nature Reserve in February over multiple days. This work is required to keep trails safe to users. The trails will be closed when work is in progress, please obey all signage and do not enter the Nature Reserve while work is ongoing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For additional information contact Nuala Murphy, Property Management Specialist.

A few more details:

With GaLTT’s help there will be signage on-site the days there is work going on to state that the trails are closed and no one should enter the Nature Reserve. However, there are no dates specified in advance as the work is very weather dependent. It looks like there will be 6 days of work in total and the Nature Reserve will be closed for those days.

The work is being done by a local, on-island arborist who is removing the danger of standing dead or leaning trees that are directly on the trail and which could cause harm to trail users. Instructions to the arborist to protect the ecological integrity of the area by:

  • leaving as much of the trees standing as possible to be potential wildlife trees;
  • compaction from heavy machinery will be avoided wherever possible;
  • all cut wood is to remain on the nature reserve, along the forest floor, to naturally decompose. Small branches will be left as close to the ground as possible for quicker decomposition and to avoid ladder fuels in the event of a fire.

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