Happy women clearing Daphne, one face popping into the image from the side.

Share your time or expertise.

Volunteers are fundamental to the success of GaLTT, as we have no paid staff. Our working board takes on not just planning and oversight but much of GaLTT’s hands-on work as well. By chairing or serving on committees or joining work parties, they match the efforts of other dedicated volunteers. Volunteers run all our regular events, provide the resources that allow us to take on projects of all kinds, and take part in regular work parties to maintain and improve our trails and fight invasive plants. We are very lucky on Gabriola to have a community that is so invested in working for the greater good in so many ways.

Want to get involved?

You can volunteer through committees or work parties:

  • Email volunteers@galtt.ca to receive email notices about volunteer work opportunities.
  • Email trails@galtt.ca to help develop and maintain our trails.
  • Email invasives@galtt.ca to join our team working to control invasive plants on Gabriola.
  • Email naturestewards@galtt.ca to learn how to manage your own property to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  • Join Streamkeepers streamkeepers@galtt.ca to help protect and restore Gabriola’s streams and water bodies.
  • Join GISKA to help map and protect our foreshore.
  • Email programs@galtt.ca to sign up to staff the GaLTT information table one Saturday morning (10am to 1pm) at Gabriola’s summer Farmers’ Market at AGI Hall.
  • Email programs@galtt.ca to help organize a GaLTT event

Other things you can do to help:

  • Canvas new members, spreading the word about what we do. It is our membership fees that provide most of our working funds.
  • Get your friend involved in volunteering
  • Comment about your trail walks or conservation efforts on our new Facebook page
  • Email your special trail and landscape shots to communications@galtt.ca to be posted on Facebook or Instagram. Use the hashtags #gabriolawalks, #GaLTT, #conservation.
  • Fundraise for GaLTT—whether it’s ten dollars or ten thousand, all donations are put to good use and the donor receives a charitable tax receipt.
  • Share your expertise about Gabriola’s natural environment by offering workshops or writing articles for our brochures, newsletter, or website. Write to programs@galtt.ca or webadmin@galtt.ca .

…and have fun!