Our Communications Committee needs volunteers!

As GaLTT’s activities and programs have expanded in the past few years, so has our need for communications. A lot of work is being done by a very, very small committee—two people—and to complicate matters some of what we’re doing is in new-to-us areas of technology.

Our e-newsletter and social media are handled by contractor Paula Brent, who does a magnificent job managing them, but we have realized that we need more people to share the other work. We’re still sorting out how to manage our needs best as we conduct an organizational/capacity review, but in the meantime, we’re looking for volunteers who can help.

In particular we’re looking for people with experience and skills in:

  • Website management (We use a WordPress template; responsibilities would include adding content to our blog, updating static pages when necessary, and handling associated admin, maintenance and optimization)
  • Events calendar listings (This is part of our website but responsibility for keeping it up to date could be separated out if someone was willing to take it on)
  • Database management (Have you got experience with Google Workspace backend and admin work? If so we DEFINITELY want to talk to you! But we also need you if you have general database management skills and can help with documenting our functional requirements and determining best options for managing data in the future.)
  • And finally… do you have experience in communications strategy and planning? An understanding of the wide range of communications channels—or even some of them—and how they work? Having a robust committee of people overseeing communications is an absolute necessity as we move forward.

If any of this piques your interest, we can tell you more about what would be involved—contact communications@galtt.ca. Please consider joining our committee!

Tags: , , , Categories: VolunteersPublished On: January 14, 2024

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