Hello GaLTT members !!

2nd Annual General Meeting

GaLTT’s second AGM was held in the afternoon of February 25th at the Community Hall. Many thanks to the approximately 45 members who came out as the snow was falling to listen to the report of our first year, to elect a new Board of Directors and to share some interesting conversation and great food after the meeting. Marylyn Beaubien assembled a lovely gift basket door prize which was won by Judy Preston and raised $130.75 for GaLTT.

Gabriola Quilt On Display

One of the delightful highlights of the day was the very first viewing of the Gabriola Quilt. Our very own Gabriola quilters group has once again demonstrated their great creative skills to produce an amazing and most beautiful quilt and pillow as a donation to GaLTT for a summer raffle fundraiser. The quilt will be on display soon at the Library, and tickets will be available from GaLTT members and at the Farmers Market. Many, many thanks to quilters Leslie MacDonald, Morag Orr-Stevens, Sue Vohanka, Valerie Walsh, Liz Welsh, Janet Williams, Sandi Wingrove, and Karen Hatton.

2006 GaLTT Board
in front of the beautiful Gabriola Quilt
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The Board of Directors for 2006

Kerry Marcus, President; Colin Masson Vice President; Marylyn Beaubien, Secretary; Richard Welsh, Treasurer; Carol Boyce; Tom Cameron; Dyan Dunsmore-Farley; John Gambrill; Bruce Halliday; Bart Jessup; Paula Maddison; Judy Preston; Bob Smith; Jane Woods; and Randy Young. The list and contact numbers are posted on the website. Many thanks to our outgoing Board members Em Gavin, Ron Holmes and Nigel Hart for their hard work and contribution to GaLTT's first very successful year.

Upcoming In 2006

•  We are looking forward to an interesting year ahead finishing up some existing projects in Cox Community Park and on the Petrolgyph Trial in cooperation with the RDN, and planning some new ones.

•  Mark Sunday April 23 on your calendar, and plan to join in GaLTT activities to celebrate Earth Day. More details will follow shortly on interesting activities and guided walks in our lovely parks.

•  Watch your mailbox Sounder inserts for our new edition Parks and Trails map, which will distributed in April.

•  If you are interested in joining us on a project, or haven’t renewed your 2006 membership, check out our homepage for upcoming events, print, fill out and submit an application by mail, or call 250-247-8066 for more info.

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