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On Saturday January 4, an adventurous group of walkers joined GaLTT board member Rebecca for the third in our series of guided walks “The A,B,Cs of Gabriola Trails”. They started at the Wilkinson Way trailhead on South Road, walking up into 707 Community Park to explore the large Three Gates trail loop.


Despite huge rain puddles, our Saturday morning ABC guided walk series continued.


Still being Covid-cautious during group work and walking.

SUMMER TREASURE HUNT LOCATIONS: thanks to all who joined in!

  • PHOTO 1: Malaspina galleries of course! “A” on the trail map.
  • PHOTO 2: The tricky one! The little fenced (some of the time!) oak tree was in 707, near post 50. “Z” on the trail map.
  • PHOTO 3: Nelder’s Pond near the end of Dorby Way. “M” on the trail map.
  • PHOTO 4: Overlooking Mallett Creek from Cox Park’s Mallet Creek Trail. “S” on thetrail map.
  • PHOTO 5: The cliif trail starting from Joyce Lockwood Community Park and heading toward Elder Cedar Nature Reserve. “D” on the trail map.
  • PHOTO 6: Merlin Trail off Gray Rd trail off Murray Road. “H” on the trail map.
  • PHOTO 7: Upper Berry Point Road trail through to Clarendon Rd. “U” on the trailmap.
  • PHOTO 8: “Witchdoctor Trail” built by Gabriola’s cycylists in 707 Park from post 59 to posts 54/55. “Z” on the trail map.
cover of brochure: picture of woman and kids on a trail, title is "Where on earth? On Gabriola!"


Our activities continued to be affected by Covid-19, reducing our volunteer group activities and our beloved end-to-end group trek the length of Gabriola. Families had fun with our Treasure Hunt on our public trails though, and all who completed the test received wild-seed packets and a Gabriola colouring sheet.

Group of people on a bluff overlooking the ocean listening to someone speak


Libby Gunn guided another of our ABC trail walks—this time in the Berry Point area, a big loop partially on roads.

Infosheet describing Walk #1 of the Great Winter Walkabout


Covid shut us down again in gloomy November, so we launched our Great Winter Walkabout. People picked up their trail journals from North Road Sports (thank you for your support Gabriola Recreation Society and North Road!), discovered new trails weekly, and posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages lovely photos of their walks on trails that were new to them (and their pooches).


The Board held its annual Christmas party on line by Zoom after our mid-month board meeting—nice, but not as much fun! Our Great Winter Walkabout continued helping lots of enthusiastic walkers to discover new trails around the island.

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