On November 7, our volunteers braved a downpour to restore native plants in Drumbeg Park’s Garry oak meadow where we cleared the broom last summer—you may have noticed the red flagging tape. Over the last few weeks we have planted hundreds of plugs and seeded some test plots. This is the second year of seeding and the first year for seedlings.

Natural habitat restoration is most effective when the areas cleared of invasive plants are immediately filled with native plants. We can already see some results from last year’s seeding, but some of the seeds (like Camas) will take years to show. Please keep people and dogs out of the plots to give the seeds and plugs the best chance to germinate and grow.

Thanks to BC Parks, whose staff have worked closely with GaLTT, for providing a BC Park Enhancement Grant for the plants and seeds, supplied by a native plant nursery on Vancouver Island.

Tags: , , Categories: Conservation, Invasive SpeciesPublished On: November 12, 2021

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