16 Species Looking for New Homes

The Native Depot at the Commons is stocked with sword fern, deer fern, Oregon grape, salal, evergreen huckleberry, rattlesnake plantain (limited quantities), twin flower, yellow violets, kinnickinnick, Arbutus, salmonberry, wild rose, wild strawberry, Douglas fir, red cedar and hemlock!

Thank you, volunteers from last week’s work party!

Do you have a place for these species? All native plants are potted and available for FREE from the depot.

Plants are usually labeled by species for easy ID with info chart to learn about habitat requirements.

Now is a good time to replant so that roots can get established during the winter rains. Although many native plants are more drought tolerant than ornamentals, they will need to be tended to for their first dry summer or two.

Stay tuned for more info about how Native Plant Recovery fits into GaLTT’s broader goals and activities. If you’re interested in getting involved or have plans to clear land, please get in touch: programs@galtt.ca

Learn more on our Invasives page.

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