Our sixth walk travels through the cliff ecosystem of Sandwell Provincial Park, with opportunities to enjoy the pebble and low-tide sandy foreshore at Lock Bay and views of the Strait of Georgia, Entrance Island and the Sunshine Coast.

  • Approx Time: 45 mins
  • Approx Distance: 1.9 km
  • Difficulty: moderate – steep and rocky down and uphill which can be slippery
  • Begin: Sandwell Provincial Park parking lot at the end of The Strand (for a longer hike, consider starting from Bell’s Landing)

Click the link for Winter Walkabout Walk 6: Sandwell Climb to download a PDF infosheet describing the route and what you’ll encounter on it.

NOTE: trailheads are marked with painted rocks (thanks to Gabriola’s Grade 6/7 class!) and routes are marked with green flagging tape. Both will be removed in late March.

All Winter Walkabout routes are archived on our Trails and Maps page, our Blog page from the main menu, and are searchable by “winter walkabout.”

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