“Hello, world!” is the traditional greeting from a first post on a new website, but this isn’t a new website—we’ve just ported the existing content to a new WordPress platform and rearranged things a bit.

Jenni Gehlbach built our original website ten years ago, and since then has updated the content (including writing and/or editing most of it) and managed the whole thing brilliantly. Behind the scenes activities by volunteers like Jenni, though invisible to most people, are critical to an organization’s success—we can’t overstate how important this work has been to GaLTT.

Not all of us have Jenni’s range of skills, though, and so we decided to shift to WordPress so that others will be able to contribute more going forward. This has involved a lot of back-and-forth planning to make sure our communication is effective within an adjusted structure, plus the nuts and bolts work to make it happen. Jenni has been a critical part of all that, not to mention doing more writing/rewriting to accommodate the changes, and will continue to be involved—it’s not like she is disappearing as of the new site going live.

But the old site itself is disappearing, and with it the visual reminder of ten years of very hard work by one person. And so we want to say thank you.

Thank you, Jenni!

Tags: , Categories: VolunteersPublished On: January 3, 2022

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